Meet the Chef

Chef Megan Hendrix

Megan Hendrix is the Owner and Executive Chef of &3 Foods. She is an Arizona native who has been in Nashville for 11 years. Many of her signature flavors and recipes come from a youth, rich in various cultures and countries from around the world.

Megan's journey into the culinary world began out of pure necessity. Chef Megan has dealt with various health issues and Auto-Immune diseases since birth. As a child she missed out on so many events and special moments due to illness and severe food allergies. As a child and into her teen years, Megan was always in the kitchen creating. Her desire for food she could eat, but that also tasted amazing, drove her to keep creating and trying new things. 

Now, as a Chef and business owner, her goal has been to create foods that meet the dietary health needs and requirements, that she and so many others have faced, as well as maintaining the quality and flavor in food that we all love and desire. 

Chef Megan lives in Franklin, TN with her husband Matt, and their two daughters, Olivia and Adelaide.  


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates

We are a unique company that focuses on providing our clients with inventive, edgy food, killer flavor and a healthy flair. Our mission is to open your palate to unique flavors and a healthier way of life. 

Chef Megan specializes in preparing foods that are incredibly delicious and can also be adjusted to meet your specific dietary needs! Including but not limited to; Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Low Carb, W30, Paleo, and more!

We put the flavor back in food and the family back in family dinner.